Spirit Airlines Flights Cancellation Policy

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy - Flight Change, Change Fees and Refund

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy - TripitravelsMaking flight changes at times becomes crucial. Any emergency situation like illness, death of a family member or relative, accident, or a notice from a jury can cause you to change your flight booking. You may require canceling your tickets or rebooking tickets with another date. Hence, it is crucial to understand your airline’s flight change and cancellation policy or refund policy. If you have booked your flight in Spirit or plan to in the near future, read this page to understand the nuts and bolts of Spirit airlines cancellation policy that will help you save time and money and cancel or seek a refund.

Knowing the crucial Spirit flight cancellation policy will help you secure a full refund of your airfare when you cancel a flight and thus save money and get peace of mind. So what are the points you need to take care of, and how to gain maximum leverage from the same?

Things to Know About Spirit Cancellation Policy

Spirit Airlines Cancellation PolicySpirit Airlines is an ultra-low-cost air carrier and doesn’t offer refundable air tickets. However, you can cancel a flight and get a full refund for expenses in booking your Spirit ticket.

Check out these conditions that allow Spirit Flyers to secure a full refund:

  • Canceling your Spirit ticket at least two months before flight departure
  • Canceling Spirit ticket within 24 hours of booking for a flight scheduled to depart after seven days
  • If Spirit Airlines has canceled your flight
  • If a flight gets delayed by more than two hours
  • If Spirit reschedules your flights that you don’t find suitable
  • You missed a flight due to critical illness, death of a passenger or immediate family member, court or military order (based on documentary evidence and Spirit agreeing to it.)

Suppose a traveler cancels a Spirit ticket due to any condition other than that mentioned above. In that case, he needs to pay a cancellation fee based on the timing of cancellation or time left for the flight departure.

What is Spirit Airline's cancellation fee?

Based on when you cancel your Spirit ticket, you need to pay a cancellation fee that would be deducted from your airfare before refunding the amount in the form of travel credit. Spirit Flyers can cancel their tickets until one hour before the flight’s departure for a cancellation fee of $79.

  • Canceled within 24 hours of booking for a flight to be departed after seven days- No Fee
  • Ticket canceled 60 or 60+ days before flight departure—-Zero Fee
  • Tickets canceled within 59-15 days before departure-$39.
  • Tickets canceled within 14-7 days—$59.
  • Tickets canceled within 6-0 days –$79 

Whether you book a Standard or an award ticket, Spirit Airlines will refund the amount as Travel Credit that you can use for future travel. A flyer can request for a full refund in the form of cash to be credited in the original form of payment if he cancels a ticket within 24 hours of booking or 60 days before the flight departure.     

Spirit Airlines Change Flight Policy

Do you want to make flight changes in Spirit? Spirit Airlines allows travelers to make flight changes as and when required till an hour before the flight departure. It is crucial for you to understand the Spirit Airlines change flight policy to help you skip the flight change fee or get needless surprises.
A traveler need not pay any Spirit change fees if they meet any of the following conditions:

  1. Change within 24 hours of booking for a flight scheduled to depart after seven days
  2. Make flight changes 60 days before the flight departs
  3. You have a flight flex option that allows you to make flight changes as per your new itinerary once for free
  4. You have purchased Bundle it Combo that comes with a Flight Flex enabling you to make flight changes once for free
  5. If your flight is delayed by 2 hours, you may make flight changes for free

Spirit Airlines Change Fee- Regular and Award Tickets

Check out the change flight Spirit airlines fee that you will incur if you change your Spirit flight at the time not mentioned above.

  • Changing Spirit flight within 59- 15 days before departure – $39
  • Changing Spirit flight within 14- 07 days before departure – $59
  • Changing Spirit flight within 06-0 days before departure – $79
  • Same Day flight change – $99

Flight Flex/ Bundle It Combo – up to 24 hours before flight departure- Zero fee
Flight changes on or after 60 days before flight departure- Zero fees

Suppose you are unsure about taking the Spirit flight you booked and need to save money on your Spirit flight change fee. In that case, it is best to purchase the Flight Flex option at the time of booking from the official site of Spirit online or by calling the Spirit customer service representative.
You can also purchase the Flight flex from selected travel agents and use it for one-time modification of Spirit flight for free. However, it should be noted that this can’t be used to cancel flights, nor can it be purchased and used after booking a flight.

How to Cancel a Spirit Airlines Flight?

Canceling your Spirit Airlines flight or making the required changes to your ticket is super easy. You can follow these simple steps to cancel your Spirit flight tickets or make the necessary changes.

  1. Visit the site and go to the My Trips page
  2. Enter your name and confirmation number to retrieve your old ticket and follow the instructions
  3. Send a Text message on 48763 requesting cancelation
  4. Send WhatsApp message on 855-728-3555
  5. DM on Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  6. Give Spirit Customer Representative a call
  7. Convey your requirement to a Guest Service agent at the airport
Frequently Answered Questions (FAQs) related to Spirit Airlines cancellation Policy.
What to know about Spirit Airlines Refund Policy?
For all non-refundable tickets, travelers get a refund as travel credit that they can use in the future booking. As you cancel your Spirit ticket, you must fill out the online refund request form or convey the same to your travel agent if you had booked by them. The cancellation or refund charge is applied per the Spirit Airline cancellation policy. It takes 7-10 business days to complete a refund and let the refund amount be credited and shown in your account or travel credit account.
Can I cancel my Spirit ticket for free?
Yes, you can cancel your ticket for free 60 days before the flight departure or within 24 hours of booking a flight due after seven days
How can I make the Spirit flight change for free?
If you have purchased a ‘Flight Flex’ option, make flight changes within 24 hours of booking or make changes 60 days before the departure. In all these conditions, you can make a flight change for free.
Till when can I make Spirit flight changes?
Any Spirit flyer can change Spirit flight tickets till 1 hour before the flight departure
How can I redeem my Spirit Airlines travel credit to book another ticket?
You can redeem your Reservation credit by calling Spirit Airlines customer service representative or online by booking tickets through the same
What can one do if Spirit Airlines cancels one’s flight?
If Spirit cancels your flight, you can contact the local service agent at the airport or a customer service representative. You can ask them for rescheduling or refund of the ticket.
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