Comparison Between Allegiant Vs Spirit Airlines

Best Ultra Low-Cost Carriers Allegiant and Spirit Airlines

It’s a new year, and the time to fulfill your new year’s travel resolutions or budget traveling. I know traveling on a limited budget can be time taking and stressful sometimes. Deciding on an airline is the first and most important part of maintaining a budget, since that is the biggest part of expenditure when going on trips. For that, choosing an ULCC is the perfect choice, two of the best ultra low-cost carriers as per my 5 years of traveling experience are Spirit Airlines and Allegiant Airlines. Now the question is which is the best, right? Well, I have been on flights by both the airlines, and to my surprise they have both been equally comfortable and punctual, thus I never had an issue with any of them. So, to help you out, I am gonna compare both the airlines in this article, you can read on and make your decision accordingly.

Let's start by knowing a little about both the airlines:

Spirit Airline-

Spirit Airlines is known as one of the ultra low-cost carriers. When you fly with Spirit, you pay for only the things that you need and nothing unnecessary. It started its operations in 1983. Today it flies to over 47 domestic and 28 international destinations in 18 countries around the Globe including Mexico.

Allegiant Airlines-

Allegiant airline is another ultra low cost airline, launched in 1997 with an aim of offering great experience in flights and Holidays at very reasonable cost. It stands tall as the 14th largest airline in the whole USA. It flies to more than 130 destinations, with the main focus being the smaller regional airports, so no destination is inaccessible for passengers. It offers economy and charter flights both.

About the Fleet Size & Aircrafts



Spirit Airlines

Allegiant Airlines

Fleet Size



Type of Aircrafts

Airbus Fit Fleet

108 Airbus A319s and A320s

Number of Destinations



Airfare and Other Fees

Since you are traveling with a limited budget, the flight ticket pricing is the most important aspect, so let’s discuss what the Spirit flights cost in comparison to the Allegiant airline reservation fee. Which one should you book to save more money, without losing the comfort of a flight? Read on to know how it is divided and what you will have to pay extra for.

Spirit Airline Tickets

Spirit Airlines believes that passengers should pay only for what they need and nothing extra, thus they follow an un-bundled process to set the flight’s cost price, the baggage fee overweight or extra luggage, or confirming a seat of your choice. So, if you are a light traveler, book your Spirit Airline flight right away and save a little extra on your travel budget. With the standard fare, you can take one personal item and your seats will be assigned randomly.

The base Spirit Flight fare is near to
●    A round trip to the East Coast costs $200
●    $400 for international travel
●    Flight to South America costs around $760 for a round-trip
You can pay small fees if you need any other extra services like- extra baggage, a seat of your choice, etc.

There are 3 choices offered to you by Spirit Airlines, to make your Spirit Airlines reservations super pocket-friendly when adding extra luggage, that are:

Book It: This option offers you any seat on the plane and a personal item within the Spirits standard fare.
Boost It: The second option allows you to choose the seat of your preference, along with a checked bag. You can also enjoy boarding ahead of time. The charges for this option are around $50-95 in addition to the base fare.
Bundle It: The third option offers you multiple services like- choose your seat, 1 checked bag + 1 carry-on bag, boarding at the time you like, etc. You also get the FlightFlex feature to change or edit your flight details without paying anything extra. The charges for this option are around $75-115 in addition to the base fare.

Allegiant Airline Tickets

Allegiant Airline follows a somewhat similar style to set the fare, except for a few points. The Allegiant airfare begins at a basic fare, then you can add additional services as per your choice while making your Allegiant airlines reservations online. The exact process is a bit different and detailed. If the number of flights is compared, Spirit flies more frequently which makes it easy to book flights even at a crunch, that too within your budget. The less frequency makes it difficult to reschedule plans sometimes.

The best thing is that Allegiant mostly offers one-way tickets with no additional stops. The round-trips that it operates starts with a base fare of
●    $175 for destinations on the East Coast
●    $275 for an international trip
●    Charter planes are available for cross-country travel (the prices are defined as per your needs and travel distance)

The Allegiant flight fares are as follows
●    Basic: No seat preference. 1 personal item for free.
●    Bonus: Select a seat that you like and take your carry-on with you for free. Use TripFlex to modify flight bookings with 0 charges. The free charge is around $75-100 in
●    Total: In this fare option, you can choose the seat of your choice, bring in a checked bag + a carry-on bag, and also enjoy boarding as early as possible to save time and get hassle-free boarding. Use TripFlex without any extra cost. The fare charged is around $135-175 over the basic fare.

Flight Seats and In-Flight Services

After the airfare, the seating and amenities on-board are the next most important thing to look for when finalizing the airline. Because you will have to sit in one place for the next few hours to reach your vacation destination, thus comfort is the key. Other factors like cleanliness, crew, meal, covid precautions, etc also make a huge difference. So, let us tell you all about it-


Spirit Airline

Allegiant Airline

Economy Seats

Spirit Economy Seats


       The seats in this section are very slim and have very few paddings in the seats, which might be a little uncomfortable for big-sized people.

If you are trying to save money and the trip is short, we suggest you choose this seating option, as it will help you save big bucks

       The table that holds the tray is small too.

Allegiant Economy Class Seat


       The seatings are quite comfortable, and well-cushioned, as per multiple reviews by the passengers.

       The tables next to the seating area are of the standard size many passenger reviews.

       Good legroom will be a huge factor for comfort.

Premium Seating

Spirit Big Front Seats (for only extra $31)

       Big seats at the front, well-cushioned, great legroom, which makes it way too comfortably than the Economy class.

       The food menu would be the same.

       You can get wifi for a small fee.

There is no premium seating class in Allegiant planes.

It offers one flight seating class to everyone on the plane. Each and every passenger is taken care of with extreme attentiveness. The perks and services are also one for all.


Skytrax Rating

Skytrax is a very well-known platform for the airline industry as it analyses the airline services, customer reviews, travel products, in-flight amenities, fares, and a lot more and then gives a detailed report. The information provided is well-accepted within the industry too.

Spirit Airlines– 3-Star
Allegiant Airlines– 3-Star

We hope all this information has helped you clear your doubts about which airline is the best out of Allegiant and Spirit. If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to get in touch with us at our official website, or you can also give us a call at our exclusive Spirit airline customer service number or the Allegiant air phone number to get instant assistance.

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