El Al Airlines Pet Policy

How Can I Bring my Pet on El Al Airlines

The oldest and the largest carrier in Israel. El Al Airlines is considered one of the best airlines for traveling to Israel. Most of the passengers prefer business class due to super long flight durations. It can become really uncomfortable and messy if you have to sit in an idle position for hours. Most people travel to Israel for some of the nicest vacations. With El Al Airlines, not only you can enjoy a trip but your pets as well. The airline offers some of the easiest pet policies by which you can bring your pets on board. In this blog, we will check how you can take the benefit of El Al Airlines Pet Policy.

On El Al Airlines, you can only transport dogs, cats, and birds that must stay with you on board. Also, your pet should be kept in a special pet carrier prescribed by the airline. And should not be more than 15 L x 15 W x 8 H inches. Or 40 cm x 40 cm x 21 cm in dimension. In order to bring your pet on board, you must have a reservation. The maximum weight of your pet including the container should not exceed 17 pounds or 8 kilograms. Once you board the flight with your pet, you cannot take them out of the carriage. If the flight captain feels that your dog or cat is causing trouble to other passengers. Your pet will be transferred to the cargo section of the plane.

Your pet may be denied boarding if they are not well or lack the required permit. Please keep all the required documents related to your pet such as vaccination certificate. Approval from a certified veterinarian, pet identification. Or a pet passport with you all the time. While keeping your furry friend inside the carrier. Make sure that they are comfortable and do not show any signs of distress. Also, your pet should be able to breathe in freely and have an adequate amount of food. 

For each pet you carry, you will be charged extra depending on your destination. If you are traveling to or from the United States. You may be charged between $250 to $300 on a one-way journey.

We hope that you find the above post helpful. For more information on the topic, please visit the El Al Airlines website or call our toll-free number.

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