How Can I Make Name Changes in Spirit flight tickets

How Can I Make Name Changes in Spirit flight tickets?

How Can I Make Flight Changes in Spirit flight tickets?

Do you know Spirit Airlines allows travellers to make flight changes or change their names, personal details, and destinations on tickets they have already booked? If you have booked your Spirit ticket and you found that there is a misspelling or a legal name change and now you want to make corrections, you can easily do so for free. However, in case of a legal name change, you would require furnishing relevant supporting documents, such as a marriage licence, court order, divorce decree, or legal document proving name change.

Want to know more about the name change policy? Spirit doesn’t allow a traveler to transfer a ticket to another person for avoiding any booked tickets misuse or safety reasons.

How to Change My Name on Spirit Tickets?

Changing your name on the Spirit ticket is easy if you follow these steps.

#1. Browse Spirit Airline’s official website.

#2. Click on the ‘Manage my travel’ option at the top of the homepage.

#3. Enter your flight booking details like the booking code and the last name on the passbook.

#4. Your ticket will be displayed on the screen; Click on the Edit Booking option.

#5. Edit your name and click on ‘Confirm.’

#6. Call Spirit Airlines customer service number if you experience any problem.

What are Spirit’s terms and conditions for a name change?

Travelers who want to change their names on Spirit tickets should know these specific terms and conditions.

#1. Misspellings:

If your ticket contains your name with a minor spelling mistake, you can place the request for a name change for free seven days before the scheduled flight departure. You need not pay any charge for it unless specified.

#2. Legal name change:

Suppose you have gone for a legal name change due to divorce, marriage, or any other reason after booking your Spirit flight. In that case, you can email Spirit Airlines and attach supporting documents that justify the same.

#3. Change DOB or Personal Details

If you desire to change your Date of birth, contact details, or other personal information, you can call the Spirit Airlines helpline desk.

#4. Supporting Documents for making changes

In case of legal name changes, you must send supporting documents like a marriage certificate, divorce decree, court order, or any legal name change document.

How to Make Flight Changes in your Spirit?

Do you require making flight changes in Spirit and are puzzled about how to do it? Check out the flight change policy of Spirit and make the requisite flight changes online or with the help of the Spirit Airlines reservation support team.
  • Flight changes can be made up to an hour before the departure
  • If you have to change the date of your flight, you can do so from the official website of Spirit Airline. You can call your travel agent to make the flight change if you have booked a ticket with the help of an esteemed travel agent.
  • On your Spirit flight cancelation, you may require to pay a flight change fee as per the rule. The flight change fee varies according to the fare route and destination.
  • If the new flight ticket cost is greater than the old one, you would require paying the fare difference along with the taxes and fees.
  • If your new ticket fare is lesser than the original one, the fare difference would be refunded in the form of travel points after fee and taxes deductions.

If your Spirit ticket is in the refundable category, you can request a refund and get a complete refund if you cancel your tickets within 24 hours for a flight scheduled after a week. Avail services of seasoned travel agents of TripiTravels to get the best flight shopping experience. Manage your Spirit booking or on any other airline effortlessly.

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