How Can I Take My Dog to Alaska?

Alaska Airlines Pet Policy

Alaska Airlines Pet Policy TripitravelsPlanning a trip to Alaska and want to take your pet dog or dogs along, but are not sure if it’s possible or not. If it is then which airline is the best to fly with pets? And what is the process to book a plane ticket for dogs?

Your choice of the tour destination is just splendid, because Alaska is a beautiful city and one of the top travel destinations. It is perfect for solo travellers, as well as, for those of us whose family includes our dogs, Alaska is a fantastic destination to visit for a family holiday. It is possible to organise transportation, hotels, and activities that will accommodate your pet with some planning.

Keep These Points in Mind before Making your Alaska Airline Reservations:

* Alaska Airlines Reservations for pet-friendly lodging should be made as soon as possible because availability is limited. Fees will be charged on a nightly basis.
* Although most tour companies do not allow pets, there are plenty of other things to do and places to see (just be safe!)
* Certified service animals are welcome wherever in Alaska, regardless of how or where you want to go.
* To enter the state of Alaska, all animals must have a current Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) or Health Certificate.
* No animal may be imported or transported into Alaska if it is infected with or has been exposed to an infectious or contagious disease.
* Certain species of animals will require an import permit. Permits may be obtained by the veterinarian issuing the health certificate by filling out an online application or by calling (907) 375-8215.

Alaska Airlines Pet Policies Update (December 2021)

Alaska Airlines’ pet travel requirements have been modified. Please review their updated Pet Travel Policies. A statement indicating the animal(s) appears healthy for transport and free of any evident infectious, contagious, and/or communicable disease has been added to the list of requirements. Clients and veterinarians should double-check with each airline to ensure that the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection includes all needed information, such as Acclimation Statements.

What are the requirements for bringing dogs to Alaska?

  • Dogs require a current rabies vaccination if three months of age or older, and a small animal health certificate issued within 30 days of import.
  • Persons with animals coming from a rabies quarantine area are required to contact the State Veterinarian office in Anchorage at 907-375-8215 for issuance of a permit number.
  • Animals that are over 12 weeks of age and cannot be vaccinated for rabies due to a medical condition must have an Exemption From Rabies Vaccination Form (PDF 33K) signed by the examining veterinarian, signed by the owner, and approved by the State of Alaska prior to entry.
  • A complete vaccination certificate, with all the details of the vaccinations done till today. Along with that a ‘fit to fly’ certificate by the Veterinarian, which states that the dog is fit to travel out of the state & country.
  • You can carry a small dog with you inside the plane, but if the size of your dog is big then you will have to bring a crate with him, this helps in carrying the dog in teh cargo space.
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