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El Al Airlines has proved to be one of the finest and the most secure carriers in the world. With its advanced technology traveling with El Al Airlines offers one of the most comfortable journeys. Along with the pampering of excellent onboard crew members. Though the airline had its first flight in 1948. El Al has recently receive a lot of fame for its advanced anti-missile system that is available on all the aircraft operate by the carrier. This gives the passengers a sense of security and attracts more customers. Many people also use the El Al Airlines frequent flyer program. It is a loyalty program popularly known as Matmid Club which gives its users additional points or miles for flying with El Al Airlines. In this blog we will discuss about the El Al Airlines frequent flyer program. And check if you should opt for it or not.

The Matmid Club program is a high efficient frequent flyer program that benefits the passengers in numerous ways. You can even get a free flight using the points or you can use it to get a free seat upgrade to El Al Airlines Business Class or First Class. The Matmid Club points can also be use on some partner carriers such as American Airlines, Aero México, Qantas, and South African Airways. Your rewards points have a validity of 3 years from the date it was credite to your account. Your earned points are credite witing 72 hours of your purchase. If not credited within the specified time, you can call the El Al Airlines Customer Care Number.

The Matmid Club frequent flyer program has a tier-based system. There are a total of four tiers which include Silver, Gold, Platinum, and a Top Platinum Circle. 

Silver Tier

A passenger is upgrade to the Silver tier if you have 1000 points in your Matmid Club account. With this tier, you also get a 10% bonus earning on every ticket you book with El Al Airlines.

Gold Tier

For the Gold tier, you must have 2000 points in your account. You will automatically be upgrade and receive benefits like an additional 25%. On Matmid points and a free membership to King David Club you also get priority boarding along with an extra baggage allowance.

Platinum Tier

The platinum tier starts from 5000 points and with this. You get all the benefits include in the gold tier along with a 50% discount on seat upgrades from El Airlines Business Class to First Class.

Top Platinum Circle Tier

With the Top Platinum Circle tier, you get all the benefits of lower tiers along with some other benefits such as a free seat upgrade to business class or first class, Platinum concierge services. An additional luggage along with a 5% discount coupon on anything you buy from a duty-free shop on the airport.

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