How to Use Future Flight Credits on Airlines Tickets?

Airlines Future Flight Credits

With the global pandemic leading to crisis and travelers worldwide canceling their tickets and requesting refunds, many airlines have been forced to reduce their operations and incur revenue losses. However, when passengers cancel their flights due to any such travel bans or a Covid-induced emergency, many airlines offer the refund in the form of travel credits that travelers can redeem for future flights. Providing passengers who have canceled their tickets Airlines Future Flight Credits as travel vouchers help airlines retain some amount from travelers and reduce their losses.

So, if you get the flight credits or travel funds that you are not meant to use in the near future, how can you use them in other ways before they expire after one year of their issuance date? It is a matter of concern as a considerable amount used to book tickets is at stake that would be wasted if travel vouchers are not redeemed within the time.

Using Future Flight Credits from Spirit Airlines

Here is a checklist of ways to use future flight credits on Spirit Airlines tickets.
#1. Check out your travel funds and use credits for multiple booking or vacation package
You need to check out the travel fund balance that you can use for booking flight tickets or purchasing extras or even getting vacation packages. Find out on Spirit Airline’s website whether you can redeem the travel funds for booking your flight in the future or using it to avail of a custom tour package.
#2. Get Future Travel Vouchers from the Airline

Future travel vouchers can be used to purchase travel tickets for any person on any flight date before the expiration. However, you must remember that the travel vouchers can’t be redeemed for cash and are applied to the flight portion of the base fare, excluding the carrier fees.

Southwest Airlines Travel Funds as Future Flight Credits

Southwest Airlines offer a travel fund to all travelers who have booked non-refundable tickets. If you have booked tickets under ‘Wanna Get Away’ that are non-refundable and cancel your ticket at least 10 minutes before the flight departure, you would get the airfare converted into Southwest Airlines travel funds. Travelers can check their Rapid Rewards Accounts or use the Southwest App to find their travel funds balance. All travel funds come with an expiration date, and travelers must book and complete the flight within the expiration date unless the credit can be forfeited. The travel funds issued in the name of booked passenger/ passengers can’t be transferred to another person.

Convert Your Expired Travel Fund into LUV Voucher at a fee of $100

If you fail to use the travel voucher before the expiration, you can still call the customer service of Southwest Airlines to convert the expired travel fund into LUV voucher that you must use within six months of the call. For this, travelers need to pay $100 that will be deducted from the balance. The LUV voucher can be transferred to anyone who can use them to book tickets in Southwest.
However, this conversion is considered on a case-to-case basis and is subject to change at any time.

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