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Is it Worth Buying Additional Checked Baggage Allowance on Avelo Airlines

Avelo Airlines has been a buzz in the airline industry for its ultra affordable fares. It is giving serious competition to existing players like Spirit Airlines. As of June 2022 Avelo Airlines flies to around 20 destinations across the country. Avelo Airlines is currently limited to the United States but the carrier has received its certification from FAA (US Federal Aviation Administration) for international travel as well.

We should be expecting that Avelo Airlines might expand to other countries in North America in the coming years. Being an ultra low cost carrier. Avelo Airlines does not offer many essential services for free. To get these services. You have to pay extra and eventually increase the overall cost of your journey. If you are not aware of Avelo Airlines Baggage Policy. The airline does not offer free carry-on baggage or checked baggage on your flight until you pay for them. In this blog, we will discuss if it’s worth paying that extra money for the checked baggage service.

The first point of our discussion starts with whether you need a checked bag allowance or not. If you have heavy luggage, you have no other choice but to pay extra. According to Avelo Airlines Baggage Allowance, if you want to carry a checked bag, you have to pay up to $45. There are three methods of paying the airline for the allowance. These are:

  • Payment using Online Method
  • Paying at the airport
  • Book additional baggage by calling at Avelo Airlines Customer Support Center

Payment using Online Method

If you are paying using the online payment method, you can do it at the time of reservation, or check-in. You can also use the Avelo Airlines Manage Booking option to log in to your account any time before the departure and opt for an additional checked baggage allowance. This is also the cheapest method and will get a discount of $10 compared to the other two methods. For the first checked bag, you have to pay $35, for the second, you need to pay $45 and for the third bag, you will have to pay $100.

Paying at the Airport

Paying at the airport is the second option you can choose. The staff at the airport will check the number and the weight of the bag and will charge accordingly. Please note that you have to pay a $10 extra bill for every bag compared to online booking.

Calling Avelo Airlines Customer Support Center

This is the third method for getting an additional baggage allowance. You have to call Avelo Airlines Customer Care Number +1-888-801-0869. The charges for this method are the same as the airport procedure.

So if you have to buy a checked baggage allowance, you can use the online payment option at the time of Avelo Airlines Reservations or at the time of Avelo Airlines Check in. You can also do this using the manage booking option or by using the Avelo Airlines Mobile App.

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