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Is it Worth Paying Extra Money for an Added Legroom Seat?

We all know that Avelo Airlines has only got Economy Class seats in their basket but did you know that you can opt for an extra legroom seat with the airline. The ulta low cost Airlines provide their passengers with an option to have a luxury experience on board with an extra legroom. The United States based airline has recently started its journey as a major passenger carrier. Being a domestic only airline. Avelo Airlines has kept its seats limited to economy class only.

This is due to the reason that most flyers opt for economy class for domestic and short-haul flights. It also helps the airline in packing more seats. And thus receive more profit by selling them to more number of passengers. If you are planning to travel with Avelo Flights and are confused about considering if you should get that extra legroom seat. This blog is for you. In this post, we will see that is it really worth paying the extra money for an added legroom seat.

An extra legroom seat on Avelo Airlines starts from $12 and will cost you as per the route. If you decide on spending this small amount. You will get up to 1.5 times more leg room as compared to a standard seat on Avelo Airlines. A normal seat has a pitch of 29 inches whereas a seat with extra legroom has 35 to 40 inches which is great for a medium to large size person. 

For in-flight entertainment, you will be disappointed to know that there’s no entertainment on the go. Also, you don’t get Wi-Fi on board. The airline has promised that inflight Wi-Fi will be available on board soon but we haven’t received any timeline for the company. If you are looking for information on in-flight meals. They do offer snacks and at least you get free water unlike some airlines that charge you even for them.

Summing up all the details, paying a few dollars for that extra legroom is totally worth it. Also, Avelo Airlines have them in abundance i.e. a total of 60 seats per flight making it easier for you to grab one. You can book these seats by going to the Avelo Airlines Manage Booking option.

We hope that you find our post informative. For more information about the airline, visit the Avelo Airlines official website.

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