Refund Policy Spirit Airlines

What do You Need to Know to Get a Refund from Spirit Airlines?

Refund Policy Spirit Airlines
Spirit Airlines Refund Policy

Spirit Airlines is an ultra-low-cost air carrier that doesn’t offer refundable fares. It is due to the airline’s policy to keep the airfares lowest.

How to Get Refund from Spirit Airlines?

However, there are some exceptions to it. Travelers can secure refund for flight reservations scheduled to fly after a week if they request a refund within 24 hours of booking.

Likewise, if the passenger dies during the flight or in between the period of booking tickets and flight departure, Spirit refunds the ticket amount. A traveler’s family member must present the death certificate and the relevant documents through email attachments to the Spirit’s Guest relation department to secure a refund.

How can I Get a Refund from Spirit Airlines?

Requesting a refund is easy. If you need to change a travel booking due to urgency or cancel the ticket, you can do so online by following these steps:

#1. Head to the official site of Spirit

#2. Go to the ‘My Trip’ section

#3. Enter the passenger’s last name and booking details

#4. Press Continue, which will show the passenger’s flight booking details.

#5. Choose the Spirit flight cancelation option to cancel your flight

#6. As you complete the flight cancelation, you get the email for confirmation.

#7. Get to the Request a refund option and click on it

#8. You will get the full refund amount if you cancel the ticket within the given timeframe.

In Which Conditions Do You Get Full Refund from Spirit Airlines?

Spirit travelers must know all the conditions in which Spirit Airlines provide a complete refund. Although most fares are non-refundable, you can get a full refund:

If the ticket is canceled two months (60 days) before the departure

If you cancel Spirit ticket within 24 hours of booking for the flight scheduled to fly after a week

If Spirit has canceled the flight

In any special circumstance like the death of a travel companion, family member, serious illness, duty, or jury, you need to provide documentary evidence.

Besides these, in other cases, travelers need to pay a cancelation fee depending on when they cancel their Spirit tickets.

What is the timeline to Secure Spirit Airlines refund amount?

If you are eligible for a Spirit refund, you will get the complete or partial refund within 7-20 days, depending on the selected fare, flight routes, and mode of payment. If you have paid using a credit card, the airline will credit the refund amount within 20 business days.
How much is the (Spirit Airlines) cancelation fee?
It depends on when you cancel your Spirit tickets. If you cancel your ticket within 24 hours of the booking or two months or before the flight departure, you need not pay any cancelation fee.

If a Spirit ticket is canceled between 59 days to 15 days before the departure, you have to pay the US $39 for cancelation. If it is within 14 days to 7 days of departure, you will have to pay a cancelation fee of US #59.

For all airfares canceled within six days to a few hours before departure, travelers must pay the US $79.

If you have a query about whether Spirit allows cancelations or not, the answer is yes, it does so. So, say goodbye to any travel booking concerns or questions with the help of experienced travel agents of Tripitravels by Spirit Airlines phone number +1 888-801-0869. The agent will help you get an impeccable spirit flight shopping experience and fly to your dream destination without busting your budget.

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