Frequently Asked Questions


Ans.  Generally, airlines update airfares on a minute-by-minute basis as flight prices are based on the demand and availability of the tickets. Seat inventory in any particular travel class of the flight may sell out in full at any time between your search for flights. It may sometimes hinder flight prices while completing the flight booking.

Airlines at that point offer their available seats at increased fares: We monitor changes like these intently and consistently attempt to keep the inventory and fares in our display as updated as possible. You can also book your flight by calling us on the toll-free number: +1 888-801-0869 for a quick & smooth flight booking.

Ans. There are two ways you can order a special meal on a flight. 

1st: You can order a meal when booking your flight ticket online.

2nd: You can place a special meal request over the phone to the respective airline. They may accept your special meal request over the phone. 

Almost all airlines no longer offer a complimentary meal and charge passengers for an in-flight meal. So, the passenger must place special meal requests a minimum of 24 hours ahead of the scheduled departure. Also, requests for meals are never guaranteed and depend on the airline company’s discretion.

Ans. TripiTravels is one of the best sites to book cheap flight tickets online across the globe. We have a motto of ‘making travel affordable for all,’ so we make sure to offer our customers the lowest airfare without compromising their comfort.

We have collaborated with 400+ airlines, and this gives us the power to offer you flights in your travel budget. We analyze, compare, and then create a list of cheap flights for you. With that, we offer you affordable travel packages, discounts on hotels, coupon codes, etc.

So, you save more and travel even more.

Ans. All airfares displayed on our website, offered by our agents, or any other medium, are subject to changes without any advance notice. They are not guaranteed until the complete payment has been received and flight tickets have been issued. Suppose there is any technical issue that may be causing the display of an incorrect fare.

In that case, it is our responsibility to inform you about the right airfare in the next 3 business days after you have made your flight reservation. You may accept the revised fare or cancel your booking. We recommend you to go through the Terms & Conditions of use of our website for more details.

Ans. Every airline has its own flight seating classes arrangement. But there is a standard structure of

Flight travel classes available in almost all planes, i.e. –

  1. Coach/Economic Class Flight Ticket: The seats are generally the least costly travel class in the main cabin area.
  2. Business Class Flight Ticket: These seats have wider seats with a good recline, more legroom, and an upgraded food menu. It costs almost twice the economy ticket.
  3. First-Class Flight Ticket: These seats are usually nearest to the aircraft front. It has the most comfortable flight seats & amenities, and they get access to upgraded meals. Also, first-class flight fares are the costliest in all three classes.

Other perks of traveling first class include shorter check-in queues and access to the airline’s business lounge at the airport.

Ans. At TripiTravels, we offer 3 kinds of flight travel, that includes- 

  • Round Trip Flight Ticket: In this kind of trip, you will fly to your destination city and back from there as per your schedule.
  •  One-way Trip Ticket: With this kind of flight ticket, you will fly to your destination city.
  •  Multi-City Flight Ticket: With this trip option, you can travel to several locations with a single ticket.

Ans. Yes. Many carriers/airlines offer stopovers. You can write to us or contact our customer support for more information at the toll-free number: +1-888-801-0869. We are available 24*7 at your service.

Ans. Yes. At Tripitravels, you can book an airline reservation with more than one stopover. Here you can select 6 stopovers in a single multi-city flight ticket.

Ans. Yes, you should reconfirm your flight booking to verify the details. You must reconfirm your international flights at least 72 hours before scheduled departure and domestic flight at least 24hours in advance.

In order to reconfirm your ticket, you can directly call the respective airline- they will check for any schedule change in their itinerary, etc. Also, if you do not reconfirm your flight reservation, the airlines hold the right to cancel, regardless of whether the flight tickets have been issued to you or not.

Ans. Yes, you can change or modify flight tickets even after your flight ticket is booked. While modifying or changing the airline reservation details, you can change the – date of departure/arrival, time, flight seating class, etc.

To modify/change booked flight- enter your PNR/booking reference number, email ID/last name, and proceed to make a different booking to suit your new plan. It’s that simple.

Ans. No. Currently, changing names/transfers of the flight ticket is not allowed once a flight booking is made. But you can cancel the ticket and book a new flight with the desired name or destination with the help of our travel experts at Tripitravels,

Ans. You will have to raise a request 48 hours before enjoying a free change in the flight ticket. Also, when you cancel flight bookings, the following penalties may be levied:

  •  Additional penalties charged by the airline
  •  Additional charges coming about because of the new ticket having a higher fare
  • Tripitravels service fee will be added for making the changes on your behalf.
  •  Please note that some carriers may not permit any modification or change, even with a price.

Ans. There are two types of flight options available at Tripitravels, that are – 

Non-stop flights: These flights depart from your origin airport and reach your destination airport with no stoppage in between.

Stops but no change of plane flights: These flights may stop at up to 2 airports, but you don’t have to change planes. The stops may not be disclosed at the time of booking. Connecting flights: These flights may have one or more stops and more than one departure. You will have to leave a plane and board another.

Ans. The U.S. Department of Transportation’s New Airline Passenger Protection Rules regarding advertising of airfares and baggage fees has been applied from Jan 24, 2012. All flight fares listed from that point include taxes and airline/airport fees related to the price of a ticket. The ticket price consists of base airfare and U.S. & applicable taxes.

Ans. You should call the respective airline at least 72 hours before the scheduled departure to confirm your airline reservation. You must reconfirm your return flights within the same time frame.

Ans. No, you can not add new passengers to a pre-booked flight. But you can make a new airline reservation for those passengers by giving us a call on our toll-free number –

+1-888-801-0869 and get the best flight deals. 

*Please note – Ticket fares may differ, and we don’t guarantee the availability of the original fare or seats.

Ans. While making your flight reservation, the airline will notify you about the same. But in case the form of your plane ticket changes for any reason, we will inform you within 24 hours of your booking. Occasionally, when you book multiple airlines that do not share ticketing agreements, we issue separate e-tickets as per airlines policy.

Ans. The document requirement will change depending upon the city you would be taking your flight from, your destination city, the airport where you change flights, and your country’s passport.

You may also call your airline to know if you require a visa, passport, or other documents. This information is solely your responsibility. Neither AirlineTicketWorld nor the airline will be accountable if you reach the airport with insufficient/invalid travel documents for identification. If you lack valid or sufficient document(s), the airline may deny your boarding on the plane.

Ans. If you have booked connecting flights, then the airlines you are flying with will share a baggage agreement stating that your baggage will be checked all through to your destination airport.

If the carriers you are flying with don’t share a baggage agreement, you’ll be solely responsible for going to the Baggage Claim section at every airport where you have to change planes and claim baggage. You will be required to recheck the baggage for the next flight.

Ans. Don’t worry. If you have exceeded the baggage allowance at the time of check-in, then you will have to pay an excess baggage fee. There is no standard rate in such cases; we will inform you about the rate per your boarding airline.

Ans. Each airline has its own specific document requirement, but there are some necessary things that you should never avoid. Here are those essential things that you need to carry when traveling in a flight,

Especially in the Covid19 Pandemic-

  1. Government-issued identity proof
  2. Passport (if required for your travel)
  3. Boarding Pass
  4. Visa (if required for your travel)
  5. Face mask
  6. Hand Sanitizer
  7. Medications (if you have been taking any)

Keep the above four items ready to present to the security at the airport.

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