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Flights from Atlanta (ATL) to Orlando (MCO) - Affordable & Comfortable

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Orlando is a destination loved by all. Some of Orlando’s must-visit places include – world’s most wonderful theme parks, 100+ lakes, delectable food, luxurious villas, fancy shopping stores, golf courts, lively nightlife, and much more. It is a perfect destination for solo traveling or a full family vacation. Also, if you wish to explore some of the top travel destinations in Florida, then Orlando is the ideal base to start. Whether you want to spend a day on the beach on the Gulf Coast, take a road trip to Miami, or visit the Kennedy Space Center on the East Coast or Busch Gardens in Tampa Bay, Orland will be the ideal starting point to see and do everything the state of Florida has to offer. And When you book with us, you not only get the best Orlando flights deals, but a complete travel package too if you need, from cheap hotels & pocket-friendly car rentals. We are there to assist you all day and night. So if you have a dream of a place at 2 in the night and want to book a flight there, then don’t stop yourself, give us a call at our airline customer care number- +1-888-801-0869.

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Things You Need to Know Before Reserving the Flight from ATL to MCO

  • Total distance – 404 miles / 650 kilometers
  • Time taken to fly from Atlanta to Orlando – 1 hour 15 minutes (estimate)
  • Average flight fare – In between 20$ – 50$
Major Airlines that Offer Flights for Orlando
  • Delta Airline
  • SouthWest Airlines
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